Over dinner last night, my daughter, a joyful five year old who is full of life, off-handedly said, “I want to die at the age of five and go to heaven.” My son, aged eight, responded, “No, God does not want you in heaven at the age of five just so you can have fun. He wants you to tell other people about Jesus. That is why He wants you to live in this world until you are old.”

Mum said, “We don’t want you to die at the age of five. You’re five right now, and we will miss you.” To which, Daughter replied, “Then let’s all (die and) go to heaven together.”

In case you think this is a holy family, a few days ago, Son was upset that Daughter was talking about him to her friends behind his back. He said, “If I were to die first and go to heaven, I can hear all the lies you tell about me.”

There certainly is some interesting theologizing going on at the dinner table 🙂